My Friends Are Not Your Enemies

Hey Folks, This is our first online installment of the RSG or Relationship Strategy Guide – Ask A Gaming Couple.  Here, we are going to take questions from followers and comments and answer them TOGETHER! H= H00k and L= luvusagi Our first question comes from a Facebook feed that had…

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Remember Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z

Welcome to Geek-Nostalgia, Nostalgeek Welcome to GeekStalgia. Kakorot… Today we’re going to talk about a show that, for many Americans growing up in the 90s, including myself, was the gateway drug for their anime addiction. Dragonball Z, Akira Toriyama’s continuation of the original 1980s Dragonball series, was one of the…

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Bethesda Drops the Mic: E3 2015

    The game has officially been stepped up by Bethesda and their presentation affectionately known as #BE3 After a year of lackluster E3 presentations,  This year’s conference started out with a BANG. Bethesda got us gamers all hot and bothered by the majority of their presentation.   TLDR: BE3…

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