Origin Story


The Origin of the creators of GeekSide.


Dial ‘H’ for H00k


H00k: For now I will stick with Educator & Entertainer  but my title is subject to change whenever that “big break comes”. Inside I am a HUGE geek (and also a superhero).  I am currently  pretending to be a grown up despite my unbridled love for laughs, comics, tv, video games, cooking, drawing and the martial arts. I never got away from the boyhood dreams of dawning a cape and saving the day and every day I mentally plan out best practices for surviving the  Zombie Apocalypse. I live my life in Co-Op mode making me, probably, the best wingman of all time.  I found my P1 in college and she has been stuck with me and my mess ever since.

The Girl

The Girl

Luvusagi: She is the art and soul behind GeekSide. She grew up loving all everything Disney, Sailor Moon and playing video games. If she has her way our first-born daughter will be named Zelda. She is studying game art and is learning all she can so she can create all the epic games that have been swimming around in her head.  As one would expect I handle the majority of the writing and she does the bulk of the technical work and does all the original artwork for the site. Effectively she is a more knowledgeable and better gamer than me… just never tell her I told you. She’s also the owner and creator of theCurlQuest.com.

US: We are a couple of Geeks that met in college and got to embrace our geeky interests together and among our mutually quirky geek/nerd friends. After the college years of geek collaboration and mutual nerdgasms we moved in together.  In 2011, we decided to  go to our first con, Baltimore Comic-Con. We could not believe the atmosphere, it was just like being back in the dorm,  watching rock lee take off the weights for the first time… (confused? click here. You’re welcome). So many people enjoying and appreciating the things you rant and rave about and want to create.  So much acceptance and love. So many positive vibes and then… it was over, we went home, back to the real world, the regular 9-5s…Con Is Over

It was then when we realized that at the Con we felt more like ourselves. We were more like the epic, exciting, and excitable people we were meant to be when surrounded by the things that we love. We remembered  that growing up geek can be difficult. Especially, without a support system that accepts and loves you even when you go off on a tangent about why Goku would destroy Superman.

Flash forward

After more conventions and conferences, contacts and conversations, we have begun building…

geek-quoteGEEKSIDE, the place where that hyper-stylized version of you can get the precious Energon you need to keep your lantern burning  through blackest day and darkest night. Highlighting, showcasing and celebrating the most awesome geek content on the interwebz!

We all know that there is plenty of average, and normal in the real world but the Amazing, the Uncanny, and the Incredible stories, those are precious parts of geeks, parts that we think make you the awesome and amazing person you can be, not the Clark you pretend to be.

You’re finally home, embrace your GeekSide.

–H00k 0ut

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  1. Love this, I am so proud of both of you!!!!!!

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