Geeky Gamer Wedding Proposal

Hey Folks, This is a year of pretty big milestones for Natasha and me. Not only are we building brands like GeekSide and CurlQuest, we have also gotten engaged and married. Here is the story of my geeky gamer wedding proposal.   We have been together for a decade.  …

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Fallout 4: A Co-Op Review

If you noticed we have not been around lately and besides straight up procrastination we have been up to something that is stealing our attention, in a good way.  FALLOUT 4 has arrived and we have been engulfed in it for a week now. It is an indisputably known fact…

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My Friends Are Not Your Enemies

Hey Folks, This is our first online installment of the RSG or Relationship Strategy Guide – Ask A Gaming Couple.  Here, we are going to take questions from followers and comments and answer them TOGETHER! H= H00k and L= luvusagi Our first question comes from a Facebook feed that had…

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