What Carrie Fisher meant to us geeks

With a heavy heart we announce the passing of Carrie Fisher, after a severe heart attack, She has joined the force and left a void in the hearts of fans all over the world. Grief is not something that you can simplify into 5 steps  and assume everyone will be…

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What is your Problem with Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley

In a recent post on Bustle, an editor took a look at the harm of normalizing the relationship that Ron and Hermioine have in Harry Potter. This perspective really made me question my interpretation of their relationship and Ron as a whole.  I have found, looking back on the books and…

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New Blood Same Old Cogs – Gears of War 4 – Game Preview

Xbox released gameplay footage for the upcoming Gears of War installment. We have been patiently awaiting the launch of this game and are eager to continue our journey fighting the horde so we can ultimately play horde mode once the campaign is over. Let’s review what we already know about…

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Snyder’s New Bat Suit

In an attempt to get us excite about the new Justice League movie Henry Cavill dropping us this teaser image of the Black Super Suit. Just recently, Zack Snyder has followed suit (pun intended) posting an image of the new bat suit.   Unfortunately, many geeks are not impressed and have…

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Why All The Geeks Love Stranger Things

Okay, so you crawl out from under a rock and you see that all these people keep blowing up your timelines talking about Stranger Things. The first thing to pop into your head, “Did they remake another 80’s show?!?” But then you realize it is this new Netflix series, that…

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Geeky Gamer Wedding Proposal

Hey Folks, This is a year of pretty big milestones for Natasha and me. Not only are we building brands like GeekSide and CurlQuest, we have also gotten engaged and married. Here is the story of my geeky gamer wedding proposal.   We have been together for a decade.  …

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Henry Cavill’s New Black Superman Suit – What Does it Mean for the DCCU?

We are all very polarized by DC’s new take on Big Blue (or maybe Big Black?!?).  Many purest feel that this dark tone is a terrible setting for a character rooted in bright and vibrant truthy justice. There are others, who like the darker tone and might like a darker…

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The Activision Blizzard of 2016

After recent events, it is necessary to point out that Activision Blizzard has collectively said: to the rest of the games developed for 2016. Here is a quick glance at how they set themselves up to own the rest of the year. First, they gave us little tastes of Overwatch…

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10 Minutes With The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke

The creators of one of the best adaptations of the batman mythos; Batman: The Animated Series, are collaborating again to bring one of the most riveting bat stories to life on the silver screen.   The Killing Joke was written by Alan Moore in 1988 and quickly made its way to…

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