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As we sit here, listening to “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” it is more than obvious that David Bowie is one of the most influential Geeks of all time.  Not only has he shown the world how not to fit in but how to love and embrace it. He has consistently been involved in music and entertainment that has shaped Geek Culture.


David Bowie had a career that spanned over half a century. He passed on January 10, 2016, leaving us with some of the biggest hits of all time. Bowie’s music has always been unique, incorporating fantastical elements and lyrics that resonated with the outsider in us all.  Surviving the fads and one-hit-wonders, Bowie was with us over the years guaranteed to deliver some artsy, obscure, or just plain good music for everyone to enjoy.  Bowie was flamboyant, he was different, even by entertainers standards.  He should be considered a pioneer in the trend of musicians not fitting a mold and truly standing out, eye shadow and all.


Perhaps one of the most memorable of his roles for the geek world was his role as the Goblin King. Jareth in Jim’ Henson’s dark fantasy Labyrinth. Geeky and Nerdy kids identified with the story of a lonely girl who makes the wrong wish and is swept away into the Goblin King’s Labyrinth.  It is no wonder that David Bowie was compelled to be involved in this fantasy world filled with monsters and mystery.  Bowie’s music and personas created their own labyrinth over the years. He probably recognized how much his avatar resonated the theme of the movie and the people who would enjoy it.

This shirt was found in the ‘Maze’ Loot Crate last year.


In addition to his involvement Jim Henson’s dark fantasy, Bowie has had his hand in several geeky and nerdy works throughout his long and prosperous life. In common with most geeks, he was heavily inspired and influenced by space, science fiction, and fantasy.

His geekiest titles include:

Across the Universe, Blackstar, Changes, Fantastic Voyage, Heroes, I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship, The Laughing Gnome, Letter to Hermione (we see what you did JK) , Loving the Alien, Moonage Daydream, Space Oddity, Starman, and more.

  • He played Nikola Tesla in “The Prestige”
  • He played Thomas Jerome Newton in “The Man who fell from Earth”
  • Even played himself in Ben Stiller’s “Zoolander”!
  • He was a huge influence on Thomas Dolby who wrote and performed the hit “She blinded me with science”.

He was married to Iman, a pioneer in her own right as one of the first Supermodels of color.  David was staunchly opposed to racism and the industries that perpetuate it, speaking out candidly about artists of color not getting the exposure they deserve.

Bowie will undoubtedly be missed but his contributions to the world and his influence is eternal.  Help us celebrate the life of David Bowie.  

What is your favorite Bowie song or role? What do you remember or love most about him?

Let us know, in the comments below…


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