Massive Amounts of Exciting Geek Entertainment in 2017

Wonder Woman

June 2

Truth Lasso-ing Bullet Deflecting Geeks

Princess Diana’s LOOOOONG Awaited stand alone movie has come.  We are hoping they do the Amazonian and all her fans justice.

Spiderman: Homecoming

July 7

Responsible Web-Slinging Geeks

Rebooting Spidey while continuing the growth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Homecoming will tackle balancing high school and heroics with plenty of quips along the way.


War for the Planet of the Apes

July 14

Damn Dirty Geeks

Ceasar’s empire and legacy continue to rise as this franchise adds its third installment. We look forward to more Ape conquest in War for the planet of the Apes.


Valerian and the City of a thousand Planets

July 21

Space Opera Fantasy Geeks

Based on critically acclaimed French Comic series Valerian and Laureline this movie focuses on two space/time-traveling agents. 

Blazing Samurai

August 4

Anthropomorphic Samurai Geeks

It does not get more epic than the story of a dog (voiced by Michael Cera) who dreams of becoming a samurai in order to save his town from turning into a litter box of the Cat Warlord, Ika Chu (Ricky Gervais).


Blade Runner 2049

October 6

80s Nostalgia Geeks

In recent years, Reboots and Remakes have been more than a Hollywood staple.  Some people even wonder if there are any original ideas coming out anymore.  We hope that 2049 nails the dark futuristic tones and themes that made the original a Sci-Fi Classic.


Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

October 6

Shaken Not Stirred Geeks

Kingsmen was an ode to old school espionage action with some of the prettiest cinematography we have ever seen while people are getting beat up.  This next one introduces the American division of this secret spy agency.


My Little Pony: The Movie

Octotober 6


The “Mane Six” have to leave Equestria on an epic journey to stop the greatest threat to Ponyville.

Thor: Ragnarok

November 3

Godlike Hair Geeks

Being imprisoned on the other side of the galaxy might have played a part in why Thor was absent during the events of Civil War.  In Ragnarok, we will watch Thor fight to escape and save Asgard from a new threat.

Justice League

November 17

Super Friend Geeks

Ben Affleck gets the band together blues brothers style as he recruits a team of superheros to fight an evil that threatens the world.


Star Wars Episode VIII

Dec 15

Imperial, Rebel, Jedi and Sith Geeks

There will be no spoilers from us, go watch it.



December 22

Let’s-Play-A-Game Geeks

The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black inside a living jungle board game (enough said).


The Six Billion Dollar Man

December 22

We-Can-Rebuild-Him Geeks

Mark Wahlberg is remaking the Six Million dollar man, it might be awesome.  Spending a long time on this project and finding a director passionate about the source material, Wahlberg is putting his best bionic foot forward.


Honorable mention:


Nintendo Switch & Xbox Project Scorpio


For: Gaming Geeks

The Switch is going to bring more Nintendo revolutionary play allowing for portable and home use with a myriad of functionality.  The Scorpio is set to deliver slightly more processing and graphical power than the PS4 Pro, perhaps tipping the favor in home console sales over to #TeamMicrosoft.


Galaxy S 8/iPhone 8/ Microsoft Surface Phone


Can you hear me now Geeks

The Next Generation of Smartphones go head to head and Microsoft is jumping back into the battle with an unnamed Surface Phone compatible with its other surface devices.

We told you there was a lot to look forward to in 2017.  

What geek entertainment are you hyped for this year?


Let us know, in the comments below…


–H00k 0ut


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