Massive Amounts of Exciting Geek Entertainment in 2017

Resident Evil: Bio Hazard

January 24

Zombie Survival Geeks

Jump scares are back and in full effect as this new Resident evil makes use of the VR technology to send you into full panic mode as you try to defeat the zombie hoards and the Umbrella corp.


Digimon World: Next Order

January 31

Digital Champion Geeks

Another great RPG is slated for 2017 and we get to go back to the digital world this time in control of 2 Digimon that we will raise.


Horizon Zero Dawn

February 28

Post-Apocalyptic Technophile Geeks

A dystopian future, a mysterious girl, and a world inhabited by artificial wildlife.  It is one of the most anticipated games of this year and yet another RPG for 2017.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

March 14

Trekkies and VR Geeks

Perhaps one of the best co-op virtual concepts, this game puts you and your friends on the bridge and in control of your own Federation Ship.


Persona 5

April 4

Otaku RPG Geeks

Persona is back with an all-new cast of characters. This unique game franchise will bring more dungeons, more character development and more fun for 2017.


Southpark: The Fractured But Whole


Inappropriately Hilarious Geeks

The creators of Southpark rarely take anything as seriously as they have this second installment of their game franchise.  They have promised to deliver an even bigger gaming experience this time around, and the usual inappropriate pop culture parodies we know and laugh at secretly as to not be judged…


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