Massive Amounts of Exciting Geek Entertainment in 2017


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


For: Link is not Zelda, Geeks

Breath of the Wild is the newest installment in the Zelda Franchise and will bring back an adult sized Link as he slashes, rolls, boomerang, and bombs his way to save Hyrule once again.


Injustice 2 & Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

TBD… (for both)

 Comic book Kombat Who-Would-Win-Between Geeks


MK developers Injustice 2 is coming to do battle with the awaited Marvel Vs. Capcom in 2017, maybe. Despite both having the TBD status they are still slated for sometime in 2017 and we will get to see a real  DC vs Marvel competition– game sales.



TBD.. again

How to Train your Mother of Dragons Geeks

We have high hopes for this new title coming from Microsoft studios (Xbox exclusive… sorry).  You are linked to a Dragon with amazing abilities between the two of you, Co-op play, and a return to true RPG elements like equipment deteriorating and encouraged exploration Scalebound might be a hit!


Mass Effect Andromeda

Early 2017 ???

Sci Fi Space Fantasy Action RPG Geeks

In similar fashion to Gears, Mass Effect is telling a fresh story many years after the events involving Shepard we are thrown into another space war conflict.


Valkyria Revolution

January 19

Pseudo WWII Fantasy Strategy RPG Geeks

The LONG awaited return of the Valkyria series is finally here.  We can only hope that it delivers the same amazing art and gameplay as its console predecessor, Valkyria Chronicles.

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