Massive Amounts of Exciting Geek Entertainment in 2017

Returning This Year



January 2

For: Elementary Geeks

Benedict is back and we could not have been more pleased with the first episode of Sherlock.  This was a great start and a high bar to continue to meet. The series just does not disappoint.



January 6

Blutbaden Watch Repairing Geeks

Though this show has made some crazy twists and turns it has consistently delivered quality entertainment.  We are particularly impressed with its fight choreography and we can’t wait to see who is gonna get the next Nick Burkhardt throat chop.



April 4

Full on Zombie Mode Geeks

Liz our favorite Undead coroner/psychic is coming back for a third season.  This show based on the iZombie comic book series has been a delightfully fun ride.  Liz struggles with the desire to be cured versus the desire to do good, helping solve mysteries by way of eating brains.


Game of Thrones


Mother of Dragon Geeks

So George R.R. Martin did not finish the final book (shocker). HBO will be releasing the next season of Game of thrones which at this point will be ahead of the Song of Fire and Ice novels of which the story is based.  We will be glued to the show trying not to get attached as we know any and everyone might be on the chopping block.


Attack on Titan

Season 2

High Flying Geeks

Impossible odds and adrenaline-drenched action scenes make us all giddy when talking about the next installment of Attack on Titan.  We will see if humanity really stands a chance against the people-eating giants terrorizing them.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Season 2

For: Its-A-GUNDAM Geeks

Iron-Blooded Orphans is definitely a darker Mobile Suit series.  Iron-Blooded Orphans deals with several real-life problems like slavery, child soldiers, corruption, and poverty. It returns for a second season of war-torn anime this year.


Stranger Things

Season 2

Before-Geek-was-Cool Geeks

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The instant classic Netflix series is returning.  If you missed it, here is our article on why geeks love Stranger Things [insert link].  The show that nails the 80s while giving us the D&D, paranormal sci-fi mixed with excellent dialogue and stellar performances, the second season has big shoes to fill.


Samurai Jack


Shapeshifting Masters of Darkness and swordsman Geeks

(read in the voice of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) Finally, Samurai Jack has come back to Adult Swim.  This is the continuation of the critically and geekily acclaimed Cartoon Network original series.  According to the producers, it will be decidedly more serious (airing on Adult Swim) and complete the saga of Jack.

Young Justice

Season 3

Coming of Age Geeks

Another show with a core cult following will be rescued from the sea of cancellation.  Young Justice will be returning for a third season!

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