Massive Amounts of Exciting Geek Entertainment in 2017


February 8


FX is taking the X-men universe for a spin with its show about David Haller (aka Legion) and his struggle with schizophrenia and perhaps something more… The show creators promise that this is not your typical superhero series.


Star Trek Discovery

May ???


This Star Trek series takes on many firsts. It is the first time the series major protagonist will not be the captain, but the Lieutenant Commander.  Furthermore, it is the first time we will see a Black woman lead, Sonequa Martin-Green (Walking Dead’s Sasha Williams). It is also the first time a Star Trek series will have an Asian woman Captain (played by Michelle Yeoh).


Iron Fist

March 17

Wax on Wax off Geeks

Iron Fist will be the fourth Marvel Series from Netflix. This one is about Daniel Rand, who will become the Martial Arts master, Iron Fist.  With the widely positive reception of their other Netflix Marvel Heroes shows this one should probably be on the watchlist.


The Defenders

Fall 2017

Superpowers and Chill Geeks

According to our sources, the creators of the marvel Netflix shows have been developing all these characters with this series in mind. The Netflix Marvel heroes join forces (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist). These “street level” heroes come forward and work together in an epic battle against New York’s underworld.


Bill Nye Saves the world


Because Science Geeks

Bill Nye in true myth-busting sciency goodness. This is a series where each episode Nye will take on popular topics debunking anti-scientific claims left and right.


Dimension 404


Hitchcocky Geeks

Yes, the show title takes inspiration from the 404 page not found web error (instant nerdgasm). Hulu produces this new series akin to the Twilight Zone, or perhaps the more recent and very awesome Black Mirror series.  

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