Massive Amounts of Exciting Geek Entertainment in 2017

Happy New Year Geeks!

Last year was eventful, to say the least.  In our West world, there were ups,  downs, and Stranger Things. In short, 2016 was a Rogue One. With the drop of the ball, the new year baby has brought many gifts for Geeks of all shapes, sizes, and interests. 2017 is upon us! This list will highlight some of the most anticipated Geek entertainment of the new year.

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Anime/TV/Web Series

As we sneakily mentioned before, 2016 brought some pretty compelling Geek Shows. The trend continues this year as we not only have new seasons to some of our favorites but some all new series on the horizon.

Emerald City

January 6

For: Great and Powerful Geeks

Emerald City is a gritty interpretation of the adventures of Dorothy. Initial trailers look promising delivering stunning design with darker tones than any past iterations of the land of Oz.


Dragon Ball Super

January 7

For: Super Saiyan Geeks

Though this show has been out for some time in Japan and available on streaming sites like Crunchyroll [insert link] it makes its official American Debut in 2017. Join Goku and the Z-fighters as they continue to train hard, eat ridiculous amounts of food, and fight to save the world.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

January 13

For: Lemony Geeks

Yes that’s right.The classic book series is getting a television adaptation. This time Neil Patrick Harris reprises the role of Count Olaf which can only mean good– or unfortunate things.



February 2 DC

For: Comic book Realist Geeks

DC pokes a bit of fun at itself with this new series. Powerless focuses on some average employees of a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. The company develops products for citizens to feel safer in this superhumanly destructive world.

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