Isaac Asimov – Geek of the Week

Today we shine the sonic screwdriver on the highly celebrated Isaac Asimov and his contributions to the Geek community.  

Isaac, born Isaak Osimov, was a famous Author and Biochemist best known for his contributions to the Science Fiction genre. Asimov wrote several novels, book series and short stories including the iRobot and the Edge of Tomorrow both would later be adapted into films. Some of his most notable works are The Robot Series, the Galactic Empire Novels and The Gods Themselves.

He wrote the “three laws of robotics”, and believed that those might be his greatest contribution along with his Foundation book series. It was also believed that he coined the term robotics. However, he assumed he was merely using an existing term.

Asimov even wrote a critical essay on Star Trek’s scientific accuracy for TV Guide. Gene Roddenberry addressed the limitations with accuracy in writing a weekly television program. Afterwards, Asimov responded by saying that the show was fresh and intellectually challenging they forged a lifelong friendship. In fact, Asimov would be consulted regularly during the run of the show.  

Azimov was not only a great author and scientist but he was what we would consider a staunch liberal. He was a New Deal supporter, and even listed on the FBI’s communist watchlist.

In his lifetime Isaac Wrote/Edited more than 500 books.  What is your favorite contribution from Isaac Asimov?

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