Snyder’s New Bat Suit

In an attempt to get us excite about the new Justice League movie Henry Cavill dropping us this teaser image of the Black Super Suit. Just recently, Zack Snyder has followed suit (pun intended) posting an image of the new bat suit.

Justice League Bat suit

Yes, those are goggles.


Unfortunately, many geeks are not impressed and have made it know in various social media outlets.Why? Well, it turns out that there are some valid reasons why Snyder’s post is not getting the love one might expect. Here is why folks are underwhelmed with Snyder’s New Bat suit.


This is not the first time DC has tried to tease a suit to generate excitement. Both Man of Steel and BvS dropped pre-release costume images to rouse our attention.  More recently, Marvel did similar teasers with the Black Panther suit and the Spidey suit for Civil War. The difference is that we were able to see those suits onscreen too. Between the gritty dark cinematic approach and the fast-paced movement heavy camera work we barely had time to appreciate Superman or Batman’s suit like we could with the other two. But, the problem lies deeper than a lack of visibility. The numbers and ratings are in.

The critical ratings are too depressing to post.

The critical ratings are too depressing to post.

The DC Cinematic Universe is not executing their plans nor approaching their world in a way that is as massively accepted as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Comparing the fun factor between the two Marvel always comes out on top. Marvel infuses its movies with the comic book light heartedness that is painfully absent from the DCCU and it appears from the photo that the gloom and doom aesthetic will persist.

DC Animated U>DCCU

At this point, Geeks are just baffled by how well the DC animated movies are being done in comparison to their real-life counterparts.  It is beyond frustrating to see animated movies like Superman Unbound and The Return of the Dark knight just to watch them done in live action but with less luster and way more millions to work with.  Despite a well-received teaser trailer at Comic-Con, we have yet to see anything that is on par with the quality that the animated movies are dishing out consistently.

DC Animated FTW

Superman flying

When you are struggling to be as cool as the Animated version of yourself.

Goggles = Nite Owl

The Cape and Cowl are iconic. The are so pivotal that they can’t be changed without sufficient reasoning. Exceptions like making the cowl so Bale could move his head are understandable. These goggles are a problem because they do embody the Batman look. It now resembles Nite Owl from the Watchmen too closely. Watchmen is a graphic novel turned movie that lends itself more naturally to Snyder’s style than our classic icons. However, many fans are saying that the “new” Bat suit is a rework of this old costume. Do you think this could be a recycled suit?

Bruce did you borrow my goggles?

Bruce did you borrow my goggles?

People are already under the belief that Snyder does not respect the comics. Adding insult to injury by recycling a costume is heading into dangerous territory.

 M. Night Territory

With these marks against him, it kind of seems like no matter what he instagramed  it would have been shot down by fans.  This is what we call M. Night territory. Telling us in interviews that you are a fan and then changing core elements drastically,(Baticide vs. Man of Murder) you prove that you are really a fan of your own direction and imagery.  When you do not build characters and constantly add elements for elements sake it reminds us of another famous director/executive producer. A director who made a live-action adaptation and pronounced the main character’s name wrong throughout the movie.

We know Rufio, we know...

We know Rufio, we know…


We’ve been hurt before

These points just support the fact that we fans have been hurt before. we have already been given teasers that merely set us up for disappointment. Maybe this is not the best way to get us excited anymore.  Perhaps releasing something of quality that pays hommage to the source material, one that we know is for the comic fans.  That would send a message to us that says we want to do right by you…

Let’s face it, the general movie goer is already going to the movies, it is in their name.  Fans are asking for focus on telling a great story, while respecting and evoking the spirit of the source material.   Basically, enough with the gimmicks and cookie cutter marketing practices, show us that you care and comic fans will be your number one advocates.

What do you think, is this just a marketing or a nod to fans? Are you digging the new bat suit?

Let us know, in the comments below.

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