Why All The Geeks Love Stranger Things

Okay, so you crawl out from under a rock and you see that all these people keep blowing up your timelines talking about Stranger Things. The first thing to pop into your head, “Did they remake another 80’s show?!?”

Leave the 80's alone!

Leave the 80’s alone!–Oh, thought you said Perfect Strangers…

But then you realize it is this new Netflix series, that for some reason, every nerd at the water cooler is talking about this show.  Well here are some of the reasons why all the geeks love Stranger Things [Caution: minor spoilers].

D&D life

insert Dungeons and Dragons picture

The show opens up with a group of kids playing Dungeons & Dragons, immediately geeks are invested. D&D was a source of hours of either entertainment or ridicule depending on your perspective. Starting off with some kids having the time of their lives, at the climax of a campaign not only informs so much about the world we’re about to engage in. It also sets up the dynamic of these the kids and how awesome the show is it’s about to be.  Stranger Things reminds us of what it really meant to be a geek, you know before hipster stole our culture…


Moranis Style

The Kids

Speaking of the kids, they are amazing. Rarely do you find shows, that aren’t sitcoms, that invest this much trust in children and their ability to carry scenes. They deliver a quality performance with organic and honest interactions. They make you feel like these kids are living these moments, moments of nostalgia that we happen to share as geeks. Especially concerning those not-so-random comic book analogies and the crazy kid logic that we can all remember using to make stupid decisions.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

The 80’s

This show does what the wonder years did in terms of subtle but authentic period  referencing. Having the same kind of breakfast club, Goonies energy of that time. It was like they opened a can of Essence of 80’s and spread it all over this show.

In general,  there are these clear distinctions between insiders and outsiders along with the teenage angst that was so poignant and prominent in that era. This tends to resonate with any people who have ever fallen category into the geek category.

Plus, the characters are just so damn relatable.

The acting.

Winona Ryder…

MVP Winona Ryder.

Winona epitomizes disheveled Mom.

There are no words for the delivery that she brings (but if you need some this article does it pretty well).  The acting complements the plot so well and there are so many interesting moments (especially in the flashbacks) that hit you right in the feels.

The Sci-Fi

This show would have been great even if it wasn’t laced with all the Science-fictiony- supernatural-Government conspiracy stuff. But, the fact that he goes from zero to Moulder in seconds just makes it more awesome.

the girl

“I wanna learn how to blow s*** up with…my mind.”– every geek ever.

Now without spoiling too much, the show revolves around what has happened to a missing child and what is up with this mysterious new girl who appears in this small town.  It takes some real effort to be able to weave in all these science fiction elements and still centrally focus on character and story.


Stranger things is a great series and you are depriving yourself of happiness if you haven’t watched it.

What do you love about stranger things?  What do you expect for Season 2?

Let us know, in the comments below…


–H00k Out


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