Karazhan Returns in Legion 7.1

That’s right all you Knights of Azeroth.  Karazhan, the Burning Crusade Raid (that rolls off the tongue) is back in all new Mega Dungeon form. Providing you with more of that wow lore goodness that you will need to power your glowy Fel magic even beyond patch 7.0 when Legion drops:

World of Warcraft Legion 8/30/16

We will be playing so… insert shameless plug here.


The Lore

Karazhan was built by the Guardian Aegwynn and was the home of Medivh (Aegwynn’s son) the last guardian, the corrupted hero who ::SPOILERS:: was possessed by the Avatar of Sargeras to open the dark portal, allowing the Orcs into the world of Azeroth.

The tower of Karazhan and the battle against Medivh can now be experienced in the Warcraft movie.  This place is drenched in lore and nostalgia for wow players being the first raid of the first expansion of the game.

The home was riddled with latent magical energies and after Medivh was defeated it was inhabited by this guy:



Players are about the height of his hooves. How did he fit in this tower???



That is where the players came in. My wife and I made the switch from PvP end game (farming Alterac Valley) to PvE and this was the content that made us true “raiders”. We played hard 3 nights a week to topple the evil Prince Melchazaar. Now, to be able to revisit some of those memories and get worthwhile loot and rewards sounds pretty awesome.

Old Kara is no more…

FALSE. The old nostalgic raid (reminds self to write a Geekstalgia post about Karazhan) will remain in game and Blizzard does not seem to have any plans to remove it.

When Karazhan returns in 7.1 it will be a mega dungeon.  From what we gather this means it will be a 9 boss dungeon which is about twice as many bosses in a normal dungeon and will have multiple entrances and skippable bosses much like the original raid was designed.

Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves?

Some would say that Blizzard is getting ahead of itself technically Legion (Patch 7.0) is not even out yet and they are already letting people know about plans for 7.1. Blizzard had this to say:

There was a period where the team focused on faster expansions, sacrificing things that they shouldn’t have. This made the experience worse.

The focus going forward is a steady stream of content.

Priority #1 is making sure that you don’t run out of things to do.

The team is never going to rush an expansion, they will be released when they are done.

Ensuring there is always content in the live game while working on the expansions is important.

Raid tiers should last around 4 to 5 months.

This time around there won’t be a content drought – “Don’t worry, we got you!”

Blizzard has been notorious for its lulls in content and 7.1 is potentially them putting “their money where their mouth is” but we will have to wait and see…

What do you think?

Is this a new trend of continuous content for Blizzard or is this an exception not the new rule?

Let us know, in the comments below.

–H00k 0ut!


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