10 Minutes With The Killing Joke

The creators of one of the best adaptations of the batman mythos; Batman: The Animated Series,

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are collaborating again to bring one of the most riveting bat stories to life on the silver screen.


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The Killing Joke was written by Alan Moore in 1988 and quickly made its way to being one of the most popular Batman stories ever. It is a tragic thoughtful tale that is weaved together beautifully with amazing artwork from Brian Bolland that only enhances the story.

It is also one of the few Joker origin stories to have been so well received that it is considered cannon among many Bat-geeks. Without spoiling it for those Geeksiders who may not be as familiar, this story is an ode to the history that Bats and Joker have.

The Killing Joke changed the game and solidified the relationship between Batman and Joker in a way that had never been attempted. But even more exciting than the fact that it is going to be an animated movie, and the fact that it is produced by the same team who brought the classic and award winning animated series, is that it is being done with the same appreciation and respect that is due to such an awesome piece of work.

We cannot express how thrilled we were to hear the news because of the way they are approaching the project and how they are handling the source material. The creative team all seem so connected and gelled to the concept and idea that this is a retelling from a different medium rather than a rebooting or even worst a remaking. The Director describes the film as “a story about these two characters and who they represent”. Bruce Timm and others make note of the importance of the thematic element of “one bad day” and multiple people discus the “truth and spirit of the comic”.

It is clear that this is a team who wants to do the source justice, as opposed to a group of individuals projecting their own desires and creative preferences on an already established classic. These people want the respect the Killing Joke and want it to be retold, not to tell a different story and stealing emotion from the attachments that fans have created with other iterations.

Now there were changes made however these are primarily prologue additions made in efforts provide more of a connection to some characters and to give more weight to some of the actions that take place in the story.

Often times we are worried when comics and source materials are handed off from one creative team to another. We can become skeptical and weary of everyone who seems to want to put their own spin on the icons we love. Rarely do you see the proper care, respect, and thought go into the development of a production as you hear in this short interview.

What do you think? Will The Killing Joke be another awesome DC animated movie? Should we be worried? Or what other great comic one-shots would you like to see make it to the movies?

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  1. I enjoyed the heck out of it! -simple comment but explains it all lol

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