Pokémon: Go or No

Bit by bit we are hearing more information about Pokémon Go. This game that is going to to have adventurers traveling near and far to catch em’ all.

Trainers United

And many people like myself have often wondered what a more expansive Pokémon experience would be like.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, The Company aired a commercial before Super Bowl 50. A commercial that had over 18million viewers making millions of Pokémon geeks use the HM: ‘Nerdgasm’


It is an MMO iOS and android app that uses your phone’s location to link you to a map with particular cache points where specified Pokémon can be found.

Catching a Magikarp

You will actually be able to see the Pokémon in the world through your phone screen like the commercials!It is confirmed to be free to play and will allow for battling and trading with friends! Now despite all this positive press there have been some skeptics.


The biggest component that is missing in all the hype was the actual battling of your Pokémon in the world.

Which begs the question, “will you have to weaken Pokémon to catch them?” It also makes us wonder how the battle commands will work and display. If you are constantly holding up the phone to see the Pokémon you have found will that interfere with comfortable gameplay? Will there be voice commands? Will Pokémon act independently of their trainers? Since this is an MMO, will there be character /avatar creation? What kind of Role Playing opportunities will there be?

What will this game really offer that Pokémon does not?

Outside of the exploration what can this game give us that we have not had in typical Pokémon games? People are resistant to change and as much as we whine about needing new elements in Pokémon I feel that this game could take a big ‘L’ if it is “too different”.

My hope is that this game is a success but also that it incorporates some of those elements of the franchise that have not been explored thus far. What do you think? Will Pokémon Go nail it or will we all just go back to our anti-social ds habits? And what things do you want to see in this new game?


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