Deadpool: Rated R for Redemption

Rarely is a character salvaged from a colossal cluster *** to such a glorious embodiment the way Deadpool has.


Honestly, it could not get much worst than what Fox did with the character in Wolverine: Origins. It was as if the studio said hey “what do you love”, and then kicked every aspect of Deadpool off a highway. That is the only way I can fathom  making use of his character in such fashion.  Nicknamed  the “Merc with a mouth” in the comics, somewhere mid-movie we see his mouth has been SEALED SHUT… pun intended — I am speechless.

But, it was not just a save for the DP franchise but it was a save for the man behind the mask as well.  Ryan Reynolds has had some Hollywood flopage to put it mildly and with a track record like the bad version of Deadpool, and the “Ang-Lee-Hulk-bad” Green Lantern Reynolds, despite all his potential, was in a position to prove his worth to us geeks.


Well, I am pleased to announce that Deadpool is dead on target (more puns) and the R rating allows Deadpool and Reynolds the redemption they deserve.

This is not just a gratuitously violent action movie with a few jokes, it is an origin story that informs the audience while continuously holding true to the mood and theme.


Deadpool is funny.

With so much humor, slapstick, dry wit, puns and one-liners I was consistently laughing.  And not just  ‘Avengers Hulk slams Loki’ laughing, I was full out –tearing up,  self-conscious because no one else is laughing this hard right now– laughing.


Deadpool is violent.

He is a mercenary he has a body count, and the movie did not try to over embellish or downplay this notion.  He kills people, and there are great moments where we are using humor to shield ourselves from that and moments when we slam on the breaks and absorb the gravity of it as well.


Deadpool is accurate.

One thing I hate is when characters go from one hand to another, maybe writer to writer or comic to movie, etc. and somehow during the hand-off elements of their character that were essential to making them great are dropped. Elements that at the very least made them popular, you know, popular enough  for a greedy studio to buy the rights and greenlight a movie about them. In this movie, it seems  the execs took a back seat and the creative parties involved acknowledged and respected THE SOURCE MATERIAL. In essence, that is all we ask as fans, for new iterations to carry on the story elements and character dynamics that made us love them.

In a world of M. Night Airbenders and Nolan grim-dark  Men of Steel, it is encouraging and apparently pretty profitable to see a character, with a previous fan base done so right, and so well.

Now, don’t take my word for it, check out some other reviews or watch it yourself and tell us how much you loved Deadpool.

Let us know, in the comments below…


–H00k 0ut

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