SMITE has arrived on STEAM


Here on the GeekSide have been watching/testing this game in Alpha and Beta.  We are excited that they announced its release this week on STEAM.


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SMITE is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where teams of Deities from various cultures and regions go head to head for supremacy by destroying opposing minions, towers, bases, and players.

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SMITE is a hybrid. It has the gameplay and tactics of a League of Legends or  DOTA with the third person view that I personally prefer over the typical top down view of the previously mentioned MOBAs.  This lends itself to more precise movement that the conventional MOBA click-to-move controls.  This game caught our attention with its innovations to the genre and funny loss emotes.

For folks new to the MOBA scene there is a learning curve when it comes to team compositions and buying power-ups that will complement and propel you to victory.  However, there are some automatic settings that make it easier as you learn the ropes.

If you are looking for a new game to try out, if you aren’t too keen on click-to-move, or maybe you are a huge mythology buff, this might be the MOBA for you!

Have you played Smite? Do you feel like it has a future in the competitive MOBA scene?



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