One big Convergence or another DC Crisis…AGAIN.


From April to May, DC comics will be running Convergence, a limited series that is set to change the DC universe.

But how often have we heard that one? I am excited for a new event that brings multiple heroes together but weary of the constant state of flux that is DC Universe continuity.




Before I get all Skeptical Scott, let’s look at why this COULD be awesome!


Without giving too much detail we know that the story is set up by, Brainiac who is collecting DC heroes from different universes like Pokémon from different regions (Earth-16, Earth-0, Kanto, the Safari Zone, etc.)

puts them in a dome (cough* Pokémon stadium),

shakes it up (like boggle),

then unleashes them all!


The idea, it is more than cool, its Badass. Battle Royale with the DC multiverse. The premise sets the stage for some awesome action and future stories.


we have seen DC hit us with cross-overs and Major events that have blown us away.

Final Crisis= epic,

Flashpoint= amazing

And let’s not forget when a certain Superboy who punched reality…


and we have seen some great moments out of this most recent New 52 Era.





Is this just a band-aid to a bigger problem?


After many “multiverse” centered announcement we kept thinking “this is the one”, you know, the arc that was going to connect the New 52 with the pre-flashpoint world/universe/multiverse (I am not confused I promise). But why, why didn’t we expect the New 52 to be the status quo. Perhaps there was just too much story invested in these older versions to be abandoned. Maybe, the New 52 was too different or too new and too 52-ier for us…


But, is Convergence the answer?


Sources say that, “the aftermath of Convergence will see an end to The New 52 imprint,”

But wait, I thought the big idea behind the New 52 was to clean up all this Multiverse, alternate version clutter and revitalize the characters.

SIGH* Are we removing this universe, hitting the writers reset button? Are the comics rebooting again… Are those collectors ever going to get their Action comics issue 1000??


I understand having events that link your favorite characters to each other because, they are all too super-powered to reside on the same planet without having some big issues.

I even get that the sales go up during these crisis events but does anyone else feel like they are coming too frequently?

And how long before some new cross-over/retcon storyline comes along that just changes it back?

DC do you have any idea how hard it is to explain any character to someone with all these changes.

Some Cross-over facts:

  • DC has had 3 major “Crisis” events that have all changed continuity, characters and costumes.
  • Since Final Crisis (the third crisis… technically) DC has had at least 2 major crossovers every year/
  • From 2011 to now (the New 52 era), there have been 16 crossovers throughout all the current comics.


So what do you think?

Will Convergence be awesome?

Is DC too focused on Major Cross-overs instead of each individual book?

Good or Bad


Convergence is coming…

Tell us what you would do post-convergence, in the comments below!


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